Message from the President

Welcome to the official website of The Oxford and Cambridge Club of Nigeria.

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Distinguished Member,

A new Executive Committee was elected in 2020; I am pleased to say that the Club has an Exco that is full of experience and is eager to wholeheartedly serve the membership of the Club.

The aim of the new Exco is to retain and engage existing members as well as to attract new members to the Club. In the current pandemic season, this is challenging; however we plan to adopt new tools with which to ensure that we build a community of alumni that supports each other and which is true to the goals of the Club’s founders, who sought to create a forum for social , economic and intellectual debates in Nigeria.

The goal of this Exco is to ensure that our Membership is engaged and to build a community spirit for Oxbridge alumni in Nigeria. Over the next few months, we are aiming to roll out a series of initiatives in respect of our communication with you, our social media presence and growing the membership base of the Club. This Newsletter is one of those initiatives and we hope that it will become a useful way to keep Members up to date on happenings with the Club, the Universities and our small but growing community.

With the ongoing pandemic, some of our traditional Club events may not hold this year or may be delayed. However we will look at adopting new platforms for some events. We also plan to establish an FCT chapter for our members located in Abuja and Northern Nigeria as well as getting the Club’s Endowment Fund established. The Endowment Fund has been an important goal for the Club for some time now; the primary goal of the Endowment Fund will be to provide scholarships to talented Nigerians who have obtained admission to study at the Universities at a postgraduate level but are lacking the financial means. The Exco will be providing more details to members very soon.

I am humbled and honoured to serve as your President during this term and on behalf of the Exco, we look forward to working closely with you to secure the growth of and ensure the positive impact of the Club. we look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon and hope you stay safe and healthy.

Lanre Fatimilehin